Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Effetre 253: Striped Pink

Whoa - are those tubes?

Stopped me in my tracks, this glass did! Alas - they are NOT tubes, but boy, do they look like it!

What they are is apparently 254 EDP over a core of ... ?  Clear? Light pink?  The idea being that they will come out striped and streaky when you wind off a bead - much like Raven Sky or Ebony and Ivory, recent fabulous Effetre colours.

But the effect is rather subtle - given that EDP can be somewhat variable - these aren't much more exciting than just using EDP by itself - although, with a core of something not EDP, it should be cheaper than EDP alone.

 Just remember, EDP (Evil De-vitrifying purple, otherwise known as Orchid) will lose it's glossy, glassy look and go chalky if you keep gently warming it. The key to keeping it glossy is to heat it to a glow as the last step before it goes into the kiln. It should be glowing orange and hot, take it out of the flame, keep rolling, and let it cool without putting it back in the flame. Then off to the kiln to anneal. It's that reheating, flashing it in the flame to slow the cooling process that de-vitrifies it.

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