Friday, April 10, 2015

CiM 510 Goldenrod

CiM Goldenrod is a true, bright yellow - an acid, yellow's yellow.

In fact - the rod is very close in colour to Effetre 416 and Eff 404 Light Lemon Yellow (on the left, in the tubes). Goldenrod is on the left, apparently floating in mid-air.

These are 4 self-coloured spacers. Now, like most yellows, this colour will boil like crazy if you  concentrate the heat on it. Either work it cool, high in the flame, or keep it moving. If you keep the heat on one spot - it will go incandescent - white hot, boil, and the resulting area will be a little bit darker when the bead comes out of the kiln.
 Here's a closer look.

As to be expected, it reacts strongly with turquoise. 

And here it is, encased in clear. The two on the left are encased, and the one on the right is not. 
 There is no lightening or de-saturation due to encasing.

Goldenrod is a bright, happy, pure yellow that stays yellow and does not shift to orange when you work it. It is a completely acceptable alternate to Eff 404 (Glass not found). It is no better about boiling - but no worse either. Because it does not de-saturate (look lighter) when encased, you could stop the yellow/turquoise sulfur/copper reaction by putting a clear layer or dot under the turquoise.

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