Saturday, April 04, 2015

CiM 118 Caboose

This little red caboose is more of the colour of a dusty faded caboose that's been up and down the tracks a few times. In fact - this caboose is much more reminiscent of the Effetre corals.

 Ignore that super-fat rod, second from the bottom. Dunno what that was, but if you see a piece like that in your package, move on - cuz that was just odd. CiM glass is normally so well-behaved, I can't think what happened here. (This piece was so shocky, I couldn't get it to melt.)

This is a test paddle, and not annealed. You can see that the rapid cooling of mashing it did some interesting colour things. 

This is the other side of the same paddle - it got a little fire polishing.  Not sure if you can keep that fun orange blush of the picture above if you reheat or anneal.

Like the effetre corals (no two batches are ever the same, so I consider "Coral" to be a class of colours -  not a single colour!) - this colour reacts with turquoise. Here it is reacting quite strongly with the new batch of Effetre Light Turquoise that looks quite greenish in the rod. 
 Here it is with Ivory. These beads are ivory core and one side, and the Caboose applied to the other side - so all that streaking and bandking is coming from the glass reacting.
 Here is a "coral-shape" piece - just wound, smoothed a little, and a "branch" built up on one side. The glass has gone quite streaky.
 Self coloured spacers. The one on the right - worked a little hotter. I think this glass gets streakier the hotter, more aggressively you work it. If you want it to stay nice and plain, work it cooler and more gently.
 Close up with the Light Turquoise dots. Strong border reaction.
 Dots of clear. Most corals are significantly paler under clear - this is almost no difference.
 And the beads with the ivory again. I believe this was dark ivory, but I'm not 100% sure.

I'm not a huge fan of opaque oranges, or "corals" - but this definitely does some interesting things. If you miss the old Effetre coral glass from a few years back - this might be a good replacement for you.

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