Sunday, March 29, 2015

Effetre 232 - Light Turquoise

I love turquoise - turquoise and ivory, black and clear - my four most used colours. So imagine my surprise when the latest batch of Light Turquoise comes in looking - well - Celadon-ish.

I mean, it's a cool colour and everthing, but whoa, dude, not so Light Turquoise.

However, in practice, it's not so very different. It does seem to be more inclined to haze up with the gray haze (soak in CLR to remove).

From the left, two self-coloured beads, one with ivory dots (very reactive) and a base of new Light Turquoise, with dots of the old batch light turquoise. Colour is pretty similar. But you can see that the primary difference is the grayish overcoat.

This may or may not have a bit impact on you. If you are doing production work with Light Turquoise, I suspect you may want to clarify which batch you are getting before ordering.

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