Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Uroboros 104 Clear

Uroroboros - I know them principally for their System 98 glass - 98 CoE.

However, they also make a 104 CoE clear.

So - let's give it a whirl.

Wow. This might be my new favorite clear.

I did nothing to the rods before using - just wiped off with windex and a paper towel. These came out pretty nice! 

 It is a very soft - almost soupy - clear - not a stiff clear. However - for encasing 3D stuff - a nice sloppy clear is great - gets into placed better.

This is a base of Uroboros clear, rolled in silver foil, and encased. You can see I got a bit of yellow/gold from being a little hot, but over all, I manage to keep the silver largely, silver.

With the Effetre clear, I might as well be using gold foil - it will all change colour.

For sure, more experimenting is in order, and I do still love Zephyr - but this is one sexy clear glass!

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