Friday, May 02, 2014

CiM 812 Jupiter Storm

I have to admit, I had already seen a preview of what Jupiter Storm can do over on the Creation is Messy website - so I wasn't really surprised by the colour change in this glass.

From the left, we have two self-coloured beads of Jupiter Storm, both cooled and struck, one with turquoise dots (a little reaction at the edges of the dots) and one self-coloured bead, unstruck on the far right. 

 This is the rod - you can see some of the range of colours that you can get out of this glass.
 And here, again, with the second bead from the left, you can see it developed a lot more colour where the flame warmed it, and on the sides, where it stays cooler, it has stayed more of a taupe colour.
I can see that I also cracked that first bead. I heard it go, and re-heated it, but obviously - didn't get it hot enough.

You can see by the difference between the beads on the left and the far right, that this glass does NOT self-strike in the kiln. If you want the colour - you are going to have to strike it yourself. Let it cool to "not glowing," and then re-introduce it into the flame to get the strike.

Looks like this one will be lots of fun, lots of variation in it!

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