Sunday, May 04, 2014

CiM 715 Flax

CiM Flax is a pale, transparent, golden yellow champagne colour.

 Here are three self-coloured beads in Flax.

 And because the grey background was a little confusing, here there are again with a light cream background.
 This glass looked as scummy as all h3ll going on, rich, thick bubbly layer of scum on the surface - but it all smoothed away without any input from me, and made a nice clear bead - some little air bubbles, but the scum disappeared!
 This is over Palladium. Base of black, palladium, encased in flax. This was an oops, actually. I was going to try it over silver, and pulled out the wrong metal, and didn't figure it out until too late. Not like you can get palladium leaf back into the booklet anyhoo. That should have clued me in, it was too thin to be the silver I get - but I had forgotten I had any of this. The advantage to using palladium foil is that you won't burn it off or melt it in or have it disappear like silver.
 OK - try again. This is a base of Flax, a layer of silver foil, encase without letting the silver foil melt.

You can see that the Flax has reacted with the silver to make a beautiful, rich rootbeer / topaz colour. The monster air bubble stayed silver (so the reaction only happens where the flax touches the silver, and at the top, right, of the bead, it where I accidentally hit the silver with the flame before encasing and melted the silver in. Still looks pretty cool.

Flax - super-reactive with silver.

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