Sunday, May 18, 2014

CiM 509 Poseidon Revisited

Poseidon, or Poseidan, as I keep misspelling it, so if I throw that in there, I'll find it next time I search - anyway - CiM Poseidon is a translucent sky blue that I reviewed a while back. It is a lovely colour, and I'm not clear why I didn't buy a bunch of it then. Probably something to do with having enough glass to start a small store, but that's another story.

I had heard that there seemed to be a colour difference between the old batch of Poseidon and the new, so armed with a rod of the old and a rod of the new, I sat down to test this out. Visually - the rods seem pretty similar, the older rod "O" on the top (fatter rod) and the newer on the bottom - "N." Held up to the light - the older rod is denser, but doh, it's thicker.

But when worked up into a bead - the older rod, on the left, actually does come out slightly more opaque.
 However, this might just be a function of heating and cooling, as all three of these below were made with the old batch, and match the right bead above.

From the left, base of Poseidon with ivory dots, and two self-coloured beads.

So - in conclusion - pretty colour - and the old and the new are functionally the same (as to be expected from CiM.) Slight variations probably come from technique. That's why we call it art. ;-)

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