Tuesday, May 01, 2012

More Taxco and Deep Purple

 More beads featuring frit! These are featuring the last two frits I tried, Taxco and Deep Purple, both 104 CoE frits from Trautman Art Glass.

 This is a base bead of clear, with Deep Purple on the left half and Taxco on the right. Melted in and reduced.

 This is a base of black (CiM Obsidian) - Taxco and Med Purple, applied randomly. Some dots of clear, also random, melted in, and reduced.

 This is a base bead of Obsidian, Taxco and Med Purple, melted in, reduced, and encased.

 And the other side. This is awesome - I love these colours.

This is a base of Obsidian, Taxco, reduced, encased, smashed and shaped, and ridges put into it. 

Same again, Obsidian base, Taxco. I noticed the blue colour happening between the frit before reducing it, so I was probably working in a slightly reducing flame to start. There was more blue between the frit after reduction - so it is probably the black reducing and going blue with the silver from the Taxco. Mental note: I must try just fuming some Obsidian with silver.)

 And the other side.

I am really liking these!

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  1. CiM Obsidian loves silver glass and fumes very nicely for great metallic effects.
    I posted a set using it as a base with Triton in this blog post a while back.