Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Reactive Frit Combos

More frit combos. I think there is something to combining these reactive/reduction frits - as the unpredictability of the chemistry from the frits reacting with each other as well as the base glass give even more extraordinary results.

 This is a base of CiM Obsidian, with Belladonna Honey Glaze frit on the left, and BD Royal Purple on the right. Notice the overlap in the center.

BTW - CiM Obsidian is my new "must-have" glass - for it's reactions with silver and silver glass.

This is the combo as above, Obsidian, with Honey Glaze on the left and Royal purple on the right, but reduced.

 And this is a base of Vetro Black - with Honey Glaze on the top, Royal Purple on the bottom, reduced lightly, encased (out of the flame - to avoid unreducing) and mashed.


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