Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Belladonna Honey Glaze - Rod

I also got some of the Belladonna Honey  Glaze in rod form - although - to be fair, it was more like stringer. Very thin rods. 

Because I didn't have  much of it, I made a base of clear, then encased it in the Honey Glaze. It didn't seem very dark - so I did 3 layers of encasing before I had some colour that I thought looked appealing.

I struck it a little (cool and reheat) and then did a gentle reduction. Note the iridescence in the reflection.

This is a base of white. This time, I only needed a single layer of Honey Glaze encasing - it coloured up much better. The right side of the bead was reduced. 

This is a base of Vetro black, and Honey Glaze stringer - reduced - and it over reduced, I think I didn't let it cool enough - it went smokey and ick - so I unreduced it (turned the oxygen back up) and burned off the haze. The end result is quite interesting.

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