Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Little Eye Candy

Just for a change, a little eye candy.

Here's a big pile o' shiny, sassy beads - all headed out to beadFX to find new homes. 

These are Fire Lotus - a core of clear, a really thin layer of Fire Lotus (because I was running out) - and encased in clear. Working 4 or more on a mandrel seems to work best for me, because it allows enough time for the first bead to cool enough to strike properly. So make a clear bead, put the fire lotus on, let it cool while going onto the next one. Clear core, Fire Lotus, if the first one has turned dark, encase it. Move on to the next. Otherwise, I just get bored waiting for the glass to cool and strike it too soon.

Multi Dark - which requires no such effort!

And something really large. This is a core of clear, encased in black - Hades, silver foil, Ivory and Kronos, goobered and swirled, fine silver wire. Reduced.
Did I mention it is LARGE? I call this "Star Nursery."



  1. All of them are droolworthy, but your star nursery is GORGEOUS!

  2. Gail DB2:00 p.m.

    NICE - Star Nursery is beee-you-tiful! and I've got to get some of that Fire Lotus... soon.