Sunday, December 18, 2011

CiM 102 Valentine

Here's another of the new reds from CiM. CiM calls Valentine "a saturated and bright opaque red."

It is a bright red  in very strong light. It has a tendency to look dull though, if the light isn't strong enough, and it is difficult to photograph accurately.

See - here we have two self-coloured beads. In real-life, you can practically smell the cherry-pie filling - but here - they look dark and gloomy.

This is a very thin layer over clear - and it reads as a transparent.
And Valentine as dots on white - notice that it looks like a super-dense transparent here.
Here - I tried photographing it in different lighting conditions. This isn't too bad.
This is right up close under the incandescent desk light.
And this one I colour corrected manually - it looks reasonably right on my monitor - your mileage may vary.

It is easy to strike. Like I said - it is a nice colour in person - cherry pie filling red - but hard to shoot - so if you do a lot of etsy or ebaying - be prepared to tear your hair out!

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