Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CiM 602 Purple Haze Ltd Run

CiM calls Purple Haze "a transparent that shifts between blue and lavendar, depending on the lighting." Effetre makes a colour like that - but it is totally unlike this colour.

In the world of commercially made beads - fire-polish, pressed glass, and crystal, this colour is generally called "Alexandrite." 

It can look like this. (Photo copyright beadFX Inc - all rights reserved, used with permission).

However, for me, the Purple Haze does not show blue in fluorescent light, but rather a light grey.   I dunno - mebbe I smoked it. (Maybe they will look better off the mandrel and cleaned?)
 Here it is in warm light - it is a much redder purple than the Effetre 080 and 081 - Light and Dark Lavender.
 Here is the Purple Haze - shown with a bracelet made up of a mix of glasses, but with quite a bit of the Effetre Lavendar (Colour shifting).
 Here it is again in fluorescent light. The red arrows note the same bead, you can see that the change is quite dramatic.
Anyway, the cool light/blue phase of this glass - doesn't look light blue to me. The warm light - reddish purple pink colour is pretty enough though.

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