Sunday, August 15, 2010

Frit Secrets - Condensed - by Valerie Cox

The second edition of Val Cox's book on Frit is a condensed and edited version. It is a little thinner, and consequently, costs a little less too.

However, there is nothing fundamental missing from this version. I re-read this with a great deal of pleasure - much like catching up with an old friend. Little nuggets of information, half-remembered, or out-right forgotten. New emphasis, and yes, a little new information where items need to be updated. (For instance, the Zimmerman line of frits is no long in production.)

Lots of good solid info and helpful suggestions.

If you already have the first book - I see no need to buy this one, just go re-read the one you have.

If, however, you are contemplating purchasing one or the other - I would suggest this version. It lacks nothing and is a little tighter in the presentation.

And, if you are just trying to figure out what to do with your frit to make it look awesome, well - that is the whole point of the book, and it does it well!

The author says, "If there is one idea to take away from this book, it is to use less frit." Less is more, and so it is with this version.


  1. I have the first book but really need to READ it rather than ooooh and aaaah over the pretty pictures!

  2. Yes you do. Here's some incentive.

    Pop quiz:
    1. Name 4 manufacturers of frit.
    2. True or False. Grit size has been standardized across all manufacturers.
    3. Name the precious metal that does NOT play well with pink glasses.
    4. What is the 5% rule?
    5. What colours should you avoid using with Leaded Clear?

  3. nicely written review, and spot on, thank you kindly! I also like your little pop quiz. :) Val