Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Effetre 084 - Light Steel Grey

Lately, I've been on a bit of grey kick. Odd - as colour - deep, rich, super-saturated colour is usually what does it for me.

But watching Lucio work with a lot of grey gave me a new appreciation for it. Unfortunately - as I am not familiar with the greys, I didn't really pay attention to which one it was. So I was surprised to find that Effetre has three! transparent greys. I thought there were just the two.

This is 084 - Light Steel Grey, and it is not a completely neutral grey. In life, it is actually more of a soft blue green/grey - a sagey kind of grey. Although, it is showing a little on the aqua side on my monitor right now. Actually, it shows closer to it's actual colour on the IBM monitor on the left side than it does on the Samsung monitor on the right side. I have two monitors - so I can get more "real estate" for all the programs I have open at one time.

From left to right, over light ivory, over white, and by itself.

It's surprisingly attractive - and far more complex than just a simple, neutral grey. Quite a sophisticated grey.

I like it!

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  1. It's pretty over white and then etched too :D