Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CiM 891: Hippo

On the topic of Greys - here is another grey - an opaque grey from CiM. Hippo - what a perfect name. Mind you - I haven't spent a lot of time with hippos - I understand that they are quite dangerous for one thing, far more so than lions and tigers - but I suppose that anything that lives in crocodile-infested waters needs to be a fairly mean mother... . Anyway - where I was going with that is that I am not intimately familiar with the colour(s) of hippos - but I imagine them being this colour. Rhinos too, for that matter. In my head - hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses are intrinsically linked together - like Jeeps and Hummers - one being the more squarish and slab-sided version.

Elephants too - I see elephants as grey too. Never pink.

And this is a medium, opaque, slightly streaky grey.

From left to right, with Double Helix Triton, which has been raked and reduced. Notice the fuming from the silver in the Triton on the grey has shifted it more to a Khaki colour. (Let's not start the Khaki colour debate again!) In the centre and on the right are two self-coloured beads.

Hippo is not a unique, but it is a limited run. I'm not entirely clear on what that means - whether there is just less of it, or it will only be made again if there is a demand for it.

Hippo - a nice "large-African-wild-animal" colour. Suitable for sculptural hippos, rhinos, elephants, and possibly Jeeps and Humvees too.

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