Thursday, May 27, 2010

More thoughts on shaping tools

Well - last weeks post on the almost-ran graphite shaping tool brought out more comments than any single post so far, which was very gratifying. Wonder what I did right? ;-)

A number of you opined that said tool was a knock-off of the original CGBeads bead roller tools, and I would would certainly not argue against that.

I have, in fact, tried the CGbeadroller. I just haven't presented it here as I didn't get beads I like from this tool, as it is quite possibly my least favorite bead shape on the planet. Which is certainly not the fault of the tool. Trying again was on my to-do list, which is currently long enough to have it's own postal code.

Anyway - if you are looking for a shaping tool - I suggest you have a look at her web site and check out the variety of cool tools, useful videos on how to use them, and her entertaining blog that features her cats frequently. ;-)

And they have comfy handles that won't heat up and burn you on the first bead. ;-)


  1. Happy to read such a comment on this tool ! I just bought this one and three others at CGBeads. Not trying this one for the moment, but the mini spacers one. My problem is the graphite powder which stays on my fingers, do you have the same problem ? Is there something to do for no traces on the beads ?
    Many thanks Dwyn for sharing your experiences with tools and glass.

  2. Wipe the tool off with a rag or paper towel when you get it - there may be a bit of loose graphite from the manufacturing. There shouldn't be an issue with black on the beads EXCEPT - if you are using opaque cobalt - it can go blackish when you marver it - it's not graphite - it's the glass. You can try a brass marver for that colour, or encase it (it will look lighter then). But basically - Effetre Lapis and Dark Lapis don't like to be marvered.

    As for black on your fingers - well - you are handling the inside of a pencil there, fundamentally. It's never going to stop doing that - I suggest using the handle and not handling the graphite part.

    I've actually seen someone take notes with a marver - they grabbed a marver and wrote a phone number down on the wooden workbench. ;-)

  3. Oooh, thank you so much Dwyn for your answer, it is really helpfull, i didn't think about paper towel when i received my tools. Many thanks too for the trick with cobalt, lapis and dark lapis.
    By the way, when i said, i have graphite on my fingers, it was just to illustrate my words, i hold the tool by the handle ;-)

  4. Good - glad to hear that - cuz if you are picking the tool up by the graphite AFTER having it in the flame - it's gonna hurt.

    Course - you'll only do that once . . . . ;-)

  5. Thanks for posting on these tools. They are on my list. I've had good luck marvering Effetre dark lapis on graphite, but I work quite a bit cooler than you do. That may have something to do with it.

  6. Hmmm - I wonder if heat is part of it. There are some days when it seems to be fine - and then the lapis goes all smirchy and I think, "Darn - I knew about that. No graphite."

    Most everyone works cooler than me. ;-)