Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beau Anderson - Teaching in Toronto - May 27 - 31

You may remember, a while back, I posted about an artist dropping by the studio briefy and making a soft glass sculpture.

Well, that was Beau Anderson, and he will be teaching at beadFX at the end of this month.

If you dream of having this kind of control, if you look at this and think, "how can you do that with soft glass?", if you struggle with sculptural work, if you are starting to wonder how to make your work look different from the crowd. If you want to learn something that is not just another way to put a dot on a bead, but something that takes you to a whole new level, and you can't find the time and money to get on a plane and fly to Italy - then - take these classes.

If you tried to get into the Lucio class in Montreal - and missed - sign up for this class - Beau has studied with Lucio. (I was one of the lucky ones that did get into that class - otherwise, I'd be taking this class myself.)

The class offered is called "Freedom through Flameworking," and is offered as a two-part class - although I would surely sign up for both parts if I were taking it. There isn't a hard and fast class outline, mores the pity - but I would still take that leap of faith and sign up. I try and take at least one major class a year, and, like I said, I signed up for the Lucio Bubacco class in Montreal, with zero class outline, I might add. Figures, everything good happens at once.

beadFX advertised that the sign-up deadline was last Friday, but they have extended it. I would seriously consider signing up for this in the next week.

You know ya wahnnnna. ;-)
Call them - tollfree 877-473-2323 or 416-701-1373 or email,

more about Beau here:

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