Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Val Cox Frit: Tutti Frutti

Wop-bop-a-loom-a-blop-bam -boom. Tutti frutti, aw rutti, ...

And, in the spirit of that, I would have to say, this frit rocks!

It is a darker, and more pink than purple frit than the recently reviewed Mood Swings. (Tutti Frutti on the left, Mood Swings on the right.)

The Val Cox site says this:

A classic favorite of five transparents in pink and gold tones. Fuss free and wonderful with silver foil. Especially nice on a clear or pale base or a non-reactive white or pink.

Avoid Moretti Ivory with this blend, the base is too reactive and the frit colors will appear muddy.

You know, I really should read these before I use the frit. But where's the fun in that?

Here we have Tutti Frutti, on clear. I liked it so much, I made another.

And the second one. Finally taking my own advice, I started making these beads bigger - so there was more room for the excessive amount of frit that I was going to use anyway.

When that worked well, I tried it on white. Score - excellent again!

This is the ol' dip-n-wind technique.

And this is the disk-frit-encase-distort classic.

Eeehyuk. No kidding it over reacts with Ivory. This would be a swing and a miss.

Ooops - transparents on black. Seldom successful.

This is on Double Helix Psyche. It looked pretty cool in the flame, but realistically - it's too dark.

And, again, on Psyche - with the ends reduced this time. Again, realistically, too dark to really work.

Overall - Really liked Tutti Frutti. Glad I got a jar of this.


  1. This is my favorite frit from Val. I think you have something going on with the Psyche. What you if made a smaller bead and cased it. Might look pretty cool.

  2. Most of the frits react ickily (there's a word for ya) with Ivory - to save you a bit of trouble :-)

    I love that one too. I'll have to bring in my val cox collection some thursday night for a frit playday ;-)