Monday, August 04, 2008

Lauscha: Yellow, Orange, Red

Lauscha is well known for it's beautiful transparent reds - ok, I blather about it a lot - not sure if that qualifies as "well-known."

What about the other firey colours?

Here we have (from the bottom of the stack)
  • Transparent Yellow (145)* (see note on numbers at the bottom of the post.)
  • Tran. Orange (150)
  • Opaque Yellow (341)
  • Light Red Transparent (220L)
And again, as spacers, from left to right.

The Transparent Yellow has developed "clouds" in it's core - not staying completely transparent - exactly like the Moretti Electric Yellow. I find this trait somewhat endearing, but if you don't like it, work slower and cooler.

Likewise, the Transparent Orange has a more solid core.

Both are lovely - and the yellow is a particularly pure and bright yellow.

The Opaque yellow is just sunshine in glass form - how happy a colour is that? I know, how much yellow can you use? Yellow is an accent - it makes candy colours sing. No one loves yellow, but it makes everything else look great.

This is the transparent red. The light transparent red. Looks like an opaque. A very rich colour - you could use it over clear to retain transparency. The slightly transparent nature of it means that it is more luminous than a true opaque red.

The red is a striking colour - but striking it is effortless. Make your bead - you will note if you get the glass very hot, it will lose all it's colour. Take it out of the flame and let it cool to not moving - then bring back into the flame, rotating, and you will see the colour develop. Repeat for darker colours, spot heating specific areas if you want to adjust the colour there. You can reheat to very hot and drive out the colour and start again - pretty much as many times as you like. There is probably a limit, but I've never hit it.

Likewise, the Tr. Yellow and Tr. Orange need the same kind of treatment (striking) to ensure their colour develops fully.

Loooove these colours!
Please note: I get my Lauscha from - so the numbers are hers. Other vendors of Lauscha are and Unlike Moretti, Vetro and CIM colours - there does not seem to be a consistent product code convention (or even a colour name convention - so getting a matching product from another vendor is somewhat hit and miss.)

BTW, I have purchased from Glass Daddy some years ago, and the service and quality was excellent then - but, of course, now that I can buy locally, I do. I have not purchased from Fire Lady - but have no reason not to - other than geography.

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