Monday, August 04, 2008

Lauscha: Thüringian Herb, Tr. Copper Green, Forest Green, Olive

On the greener side of the Lauscha palette, we have, from the bottom,

  • Thüringian Herb (608)
  • Tr. Copper Green (081)
  • Forest Green (086)
  • Olive or Moss Green-Grey (087)
(see last post for notes re: product numbers.)

And here, from the left, same colours.
Thur. Herb, Tr. Copper Green and the same over white, Forest and Olive.

I've used the Thur. Herb quite a bit - I like it a lot for simulating a pale, carved stone look, like a pale jade. It's translucent in the rod, although this bead doesn't show it, and very stiff - nice for sculptural work.

I just think of this as teal - the transparent copper green name is confusing, as it is so different from the Moretti Copper Green. It is a dark colour, and shines when diluted, i.e. over white or clear.

These two, Forest Green on the left, Olive on the right, I really had to think about whether they were different colours. In real life, under some lighting conditions, they appear identical. Upon close exam, the Olive is a little grayer.

Not a huge difference. I think that over white, you might see the difference more clearly. The rods look very similar - only the diameter is radically different. I suggest you label them or keep them very separate if you want to use them separately - otherwise, you'll just mix the two together on your bench.

Here they are again.

I like the Thur. Herb, and the teal is a great colour. These two are nice, but probably won't get a lot of use from me - except - hmm - I wonder how they would look over silver foil?

Oh, and one more image, the rods and the beads together.

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