Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CIM 653 Larkspur; CIM 957 Desert Pink

Larkspur (left bead) is another colour-shift - Like Count von Count - only by the time I used this one, I was fairly sure that it was. It is a strong blue/pink colour shift. It is a little lighter and a slightly bluer hue than Count. As you can see from these pics, the light makes a huge difference.

The bead on the right is Desert Pink - a delightful pale pink rose colour. There were some significant airbubbles in the rod, that resulted in it blowing bead sized gathers off and into my other rods on the table, but it wasn't extremely shocky - just enough to make it frustrating to get a large gather.

The final photo has been photoshopped to give a somewhat more accurate rendering of the colour of the Larkspur. You can see that it is dramatically different from the first photo, in cool light.

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