Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CIM 655 Eggplant; CIM 652 Count von Count; CIM 915 Pink Champage

There's gonna be hair pulled out over these!

First up, on the left, a dark opaque purple called Eggplant. It looks slightly translucent in the rod, but works up to be functionally opaque, although it would probably be worth it to try it as a thin layer over clear. The new purples, Plum, Grape Ape and Eggplant form a harmonious colour range, really being varying shades of the same purple (see previous posts.) Eggplant is the darkest, and I don't really see a lot of translucency in the Grape Ape, which is in the middle of the range.
Count von Count - in the middle of all these pics, and Pink Champagne are lovely, lovely colours - in some lights. Hoo boy - those of you who sell online are going to go crazy trying to shoot these colour change glasses.

The top pic was shot in my professional lighting setup - colour balanced lights. As you can see, Count is blue and Champagne is light brown.

However, toddle over to the el cheapo incandescent bulb at the computer, and with colour correction turned on in the camera (white balance) - They appear purple and dark rose. (2nd pic.)

Setting the camera to auto colour correct for indoor lighting doesn't do much better.

The final photo has been adjusted in photoshop, and shows more of what the colours actually look like in indoor lighting - the Count is a pretty yummy pale transparent lilac, and the Pink Champagne is a dark, dusky pink diluted cranberry juice colour.

Incidentally - the Pink Champagne kiln-struck - it went into the kiln much lighter than that.

The Count is like the Mor. dark Lavendar transparent - and Pink Champagne puts me in mind of CIM Dusk and Sepia, only darker.

Some glass is hard to shoot than others. ;-)

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