Thursday, February 07, 2019

CiM 827 Tahitian Pearl

CiM Tahitian Pearl is a colour that develops a glossy metallic dark silver or gunmetal colour.

It does this easily, without any particular effort on the part of the user. In fact, when I put these in the kiln, they actually looked a streaky chocolate brown, which worried me a little, but they came out gorgeous!

The first thing I thought was, what is the comparison with this and Effetre's 065 Metallic Black and 275 Dark Silver Plum?

The top mandrel is a single bead, from the left, Tahitian Pearl, Metallic Black, and Dark Silver Plum. You can see the Metallic Black has a slightly gold hue, and indeed, I have always found it to have richer colours than the Dark Silver Plum. 

The Dark Silver Plum has a bit of a reputation for pitting and creating fireworks, but I can't say that I think this test was definitive enough to say that the Tahitian Pearl doesn't do it - it just wasn't a big enough piece. 

Dark Silver Plum does some nice things with ivory - bleeding and webbing - so it will be worth it to try it with the Tahitian Pearl - as soon as I get my hands on some more of it!

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