Wednesday, February 13, 2019

CiM 317 Baked Alaska

CiM Baked Alaska - a creamy vanilla colour.

 From the left, self-coloured spacer, spacer with fine-silver wire, spacer with dots of Eff turquoise (one of the turquoises) and dots of Baked Alaska on top, and the rightmost bead is the same pattern, with dots of CiM Troi.

 The Troi and the Baked Alaska have done quite a bit of feather and bleeding at the edges. No grey line, however.

Here, the dots are Eff Turquoise.  The Baked Alaska seems to be struggling to cover it completely, but there is a grey reaction line, although it is doing some crazy things the likes of which I have not seen before. Interesting.
 Fine silver wire, which has fumed the Baked Alaska, but not really done the sort of thing you would expect from an ivory.
 This lone spacer turned out darker than the base of the two with dots. Whether it accidentally fumed from being next to the silver wire, I am not sure.
 Here, you can see that these two match the rod quite nicely.

So I'm not sure if Baked Alaska is a vanilla, or a french vanilla. It might be a light yellow, or a light cream. Either way, I think it has lots of potential and I'm keen to do more with it.

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