Thursday, February 07, 2019

CiM 318 Lemonade and CiM 319 Egg White

Here is another pair intended to match in colour, with different translucencies.

On the left, Lemonade, and on the right, Egg White.  The Lemonade is clearer, the Egg White, more translucent. The second from the left shows a lot of bubbles, but in all fairness - I got it really freakin' hot and I saw it bubble up like crazy when I made it. I'm currently working on a Nortel Arrow, which can deliver a laser-like level of heat.

 Again, with the rod. You can see the finshed bead stays true to the rod.

However, when you heat the glass - it goes bright yellow - like - highlighter yellow. Canaries and Lemons yellow.

Which kind of made me wish for a bright transparent/translucent intense yellow. Because the current batch of Effetre yellow is wishy-washy and eventually I am going to work through my stash of Vetro transparent yellow - and then what?

These two are super match for each other in colour. I am really liking this trend with the matching colours in different translucencies.

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