Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sorting the Stash

I spent New Year's Eve (and part of New Year's Day - so yes - it took me 2 years) sorting and organizing my stash of glass. This was highly productive, because I found a number of glasses that I thought I was completely out of and now, I have them!

I have gone from "why do I not have any black/white/clear?" to having pounds of each. I found a bunch of that light minty Lauscha green that I thought was gone. A few rods of EDP, a rod of "Earth." Some of the OLD Rubino. Some old transparent Laucha Pink. Some of the old CiM Cirrus. Pounds of Fossil and even some River Rock.

And I freed up some floor space and shelf space and just generally re-acquainted myself with what I have. And with it all sorted by colour now - I can find a "close-enough" more easily.

Of course - this is bad news for the glass industry, as clearly - I do not need to buy more for a while!

This came about from a quote in a book that I read over the holidays - "Steal Like An Artist - 10 things nobody told you about being creative" - by Austin Kleon. It's actually a really good book and I highly recommend it - it is encouraging without being the sappy, sentimental "just believe in yourself" kind of unhelpful bull-crap that fills the marketplace these days. Anyhoo - one of the comments is "be tidy and organized in your work place, so that you can be wild in your art" - or words to that effect. I think it is a valid point - the tools and materials should be to hand and findable, so that you can produce your vision instead of hunting for the whatever it is you need right now. Knowing you don't have it is also better than hoping you do and taking three days to look for it.

I also really liked the comments about digital and digits - that making things with your hands is a counterpoint, and possible antidote - to our sedentary, digital lives.  

So there you have it. Happy organizing.  Even Happier Creating.

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