Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Comparison - Looking for EDP

As some of you know, Effetre has ceased production of 254 - Purple (Orchid) - commonly referred to as EDP (Evil Devitrifying Purple).

This glorious colour can produce some interesting reactions, and it's tendency to devitrify (lose it's glossy, glassy look and become matte and a little chalky-looking) have made it a love or hate kind of glass.

But with it now being out of production - as changing legislation regarding environmental controls would require a reworking of the production process - for those who do love this colour - well - what's a body to do?

So recently - I had a bit of a search around the 254 numbers in the Effetre colour palette to see if I could find something similar.

My candidates were:

Effetre 256 - Dark Rose
Effetre 706 - Pinky Winky
Effetre 257 - Sedona
Effetre 253 - Striped Pink.

First up - the base line

EDP over Eff 428 Light Red. A particularly dark batch of EDP, and brutally shocky. Stick it in the kiln to pre-warm it - shocky. But great colour.

1. Eff 256 Dark Rose. 

Such a pretty pink - and so nice to work. No shocking, no de-vit, a little streaky, and clearly too light a pink. Super pretty though.

2.  Eff 706 Pinky Winky

Again, super nice to work - no shocking, no de-vit, a light pink, with a smidgeon of a blue ripple streak in it. Very pretty.

3. Eff 257 Sedona. 

My money would have been on this one, but it was not a smart bet. Again - no shocking, no de-vit'ing, and it certainly looked darker going into the the kiln. 

However, coming out of the kiln, it has developed a slightly brownish overtone, that is not working for me in the context of what I am trying to achieve. Not to say I don't like it - in the wave form on a wire, I like the variation a lot, and I think it really does evoke a southwestern sunset, but not what I was going for. 

BTW - this was worked in the exact same flame as the others.

4. Eff 253 Striped Pink

Ding - ding - ding - ding! We have a winner! To my surprise - the closest match is Striped Pink - which is a cored rod (the center is something else - possibly for economic reasons). (Kind of like a reverse filigrana.)

I had no problem with it shocking, it does de-vit a little, like EDP, and if you have any of it lurking in your stash, it will be easy to ID as the transparent core gives the rods a very distinctive look when viewed end on. 

I believe this is actually EDP layered over something else - a light transparent, so that makes it on point for what I want. 

Here we have the head to head comparison - top mandrel is EDP, bottom is Striped Pink. 

And the full set together. From the top - single mandrel with 2 beads - EDP.

Next pair of mandrels - Striped Pink. Then Sedona, and then Pinky Winky and finally, Dark Rose. The Pinky Winky and Dark Rose are  very similar to each other, with the blue-ish bits distinguishing the Pinky Winky. 

So there you have it. And if someone could make a glass to match the nail polish in the pictures above, that would be nice. Please and thank you.  ;-)

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