Saturday, January 06, 2018

Changing the Filter on your Oxygen Concentrator

If you are using one or more oxygen concentrators to provide oxygen to your torch, you should know that there is a filter inside them that you need to change sporadically.

It's pretty easy to figure out the open celled sponge filter, just blow that puppy out with canned air, or even rinse it out (let it dry before firing up the concentrator) - but there is ANOTHER filter inside - that I actually didn't know about.

Apparently - you should change it once a year if you are torching daily - or even 20 hours a week.

Or, you can wait until your concentrator starts shutting itself off after running for a few minutes, and then run around panicking. Depending on if you are a fan of preventative maintenance or reactionary swearing. ;-)

The filter looks like this, on the left, or an older style on the right. I replaced both with the style on the left and it seems to work fine.

It lives in the compartment on the back with the sponge filter in the door. Open the door, pull the filter up and out (a little twist helps) but it is just a friction fit.

Put the new filter in, close up the door, and you are good to go. Takes 2 minutes. Literally - here is a 2 minute video showing you how.

So - when's the last time you changed the filters on your concentrator? ;-)

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