Sunday, April 23, 2017


Why, readers of the last few posts might wonder, does she keep whinging about a light. Probably because you didn't see my posts about it on facebook, to whit:

Are compact fluorescents supposed to make a hissing noise and then start smoking?

Literally - smoke started pouring out of the light, and not a puff either, a sustained trail of truly, stunningly, vile-smelling burning electrical fire type smell.

This was not  just any light bulb, but one of the ridiculously expensive color balanced light bulbs, bought from a specialty photography site.

Hmmm. The smell was so awful, I had to put the light out in the garage for a while, even after removing and discarding the bulb. It did clean off, but hoo-boy - it was nasty.

This does demonstrate, however, that "it is all done with smoke and mirrors" - and once you let out the smoke ... it don't work no more. ;-)

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