Sunday, April 09, 2017

Comparison: CiM Cornsilk vs CiM Yangtze (and CiM Peridot)

This latest round of new colours from CiM is heavy on the greens and yellowy-greens - which is awesome - because right now I have a thing for yellowy-greens. Who knew?

On the left, two in Cornsilk, and on the right, three in Yangtze. Yangtze is a little greyer, Cornsilk is a little purer in hue.

And here, from the left again, two of Cornsilk, three of Yangtze, and three in CiM Peridot. About the same for saturation, but the colour is moving to the green. 

The Cornsilk and the Yangtze complement each other beautifully, two shades of the same hue.

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