Thursday, April 27, 2017

CiM 437 Primavera and Comparison - Copper Green

CiMs Primavera - I keep thinking of this as Primaverde - which would make it "first green" - n'est pas? Anyway - I looked at this and thought it might be very similar in colour to Effetre Copper Green, but I was wrong. And not wrong. Read on.

 It's a nice, light, opaque, green, pretty, middle of the road, hue-wise.
 Here it is, side-by-side with copper green (on the left). The metallic blush on the copper green gives you the overall appearance of it being more yellow than it is. You can see that where the colour has stayed green, the green is a blueish green, which doesn't match the Primavera (on the right) at all. But the overall impression is quite harmonious - the two greens looking very nice together. Food for thought.

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