Saturday, February 11, 2017

Precision 104 Rocio Silver Mist

Rocio Silver Mist - a transparent medium (and very lovely) blue, that reduces to a lovely blue, metallic lustre.

As must be standard for you by now, wait until it is not glowing, then reduce in the blue part of the flame, past the candles.

Very nice, yes?

Rocio Silver Mist is a colour that was made for Rocio Bearer - by North Star. North Star is probably better known for it's borosilicate glass - but they have made a line of interesting high-silver and reactive 104 COE glasses. My understanding is that the 104s are currently out of production, and it is their intention to make them again, but they are currently focusing on the boro. Whether they get to making it again is anyone's guess - the best laid plans of mice and manufacturers ... .

(If you are looking for Rocio Silver Mist - check around. I know that Jean at Nortel still has some.)

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