Thursday, February 09, 2017

Comparison: 4 Shades of Grey

Not 50, merely 4 shades of grey. Even though I have long eschewed grey - I suddenly find myself with a hankering to use it. Go figure.

Here we have, from left to right, Effetre 048 Transparent Grey, Effetre 084 Light Steel Grey, Effetre 088 Dark Steel Grey, and CiM 822 Mockingbird.
 That's a lot of variation for grey, n'est pas?

The basic 048 is your closest bet to a true, neutral grey - although, I have to admit, on my monitor, it looks a bit brownish.

The 084 (confusing for the dyslexics amongst us - versus 048) is not exactly a complete lighter version of Dark Steel Grey - although one might guess that was the original plan. But glass doesn't work that way.

The 088 Dark Steel Grey is distinctly greenish (which is what I was looking for). Those of you who are familiar with commercial beads, i.e. Czech Firepolish or Crystal like Swarovski, will recognize this as being like the colour "Black Diamond" - a grey with a greenish cast.

And finally - CiM's Mockingbird, which I reviewed back in October (with a significant degree of "meh," I might add. It was grey!) By itself, it does appear grey, but certainly in the company of the other three - it looks blue-ish.

All of these colours were easy to use, they were well behaved, not shocking unduly or scumming or boiling. All of them stay the same color nicely - although the Dark Steel Grey and the Mockingbird can get quite dark when used thick.

It's really striking how different grey can be.

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