Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lauscha 340 Opaque Orange

More treats from the lower strata of the archeological treasure chest that is otherwise known as my glass stash. This is a yummy variegated orange that appears to show a lighter, yellower hue where it stays warm longer.

The rods themselves vary in colour, but I wouldn't call this a streaky glass - although some of the pieces for sure are streaky.

Rather, I think the colour variation comes from heating and cooling and how slowly it cools, or whether it is still glowing when it gets into the kiln. 

The leaf on the far right, 3rd over shows a lot of yellow, probably from firepolishing and going directly into the kiln.

 Completely opaque.

Overall - the effect is wonderful - the variations in colour show the texture beatifully, and it is a creamy delicious glass to work with.

By the way - if you pop over to instagram and follow me there - therealdragonjools - you will see the project these are going into. ;-)

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