Monday, December 19, 2016

Double Helix RO 670x

This is Rubino Oro - from Double Helix. Rubino Oro. Ruby Gold. Glass made with gold. In this case, priced like it. I don't generally talk about price, but you should know, this glass is $120.00 per pound. US dollars.

So - is it worth it?

It might be.

 It is, in fact - a colour closer to red than pink - a glorious transparent red that is somehow not red.
 If you examine it closely - you can see there is a little variation in the colour - but you need to be very close and use very strong light to see it. It's real, but subtle. A product of striking, perhaps.
 Sigh - when will I learn to wipe the glass down before taking it's picture?

Ok - so - how does it compare to other pinks?
The pony and the pair of legs are some other pink. Transparent pink. I honestly am not sure which one, but something in the rubino or cranberry family.

The difference is remarkable. The "other" glass - sorry - I know that's not very helpful, but I am just so struck by the difference that I wanted to show you - the DH rubino has a purity and clarity to it - a ruby-ness - that makes the other seem almost purple in comparison. 
 The difference is even more striking in just regular lighting. Wow.

What this glass is not. Unlike the Effetre Rubino - this is a solid rod of color - not a clear core with a layer of colour on the outside.

What else this glass does not do is reduce. The classic Effetre rubino oro (456) has a nasty tendency to turn a dull, leaden colour if it does not have enough oxygen. I tried reducing the snot out of this - nothing. De nada. No sooty streaks.

It doesn't seem to need to be struck.

It is very soft, for a transparent.

Is it worth the significantly steeper price? Well - I know most of you making beads will be used to being frugal with your Rubino Oro. Applying it in stringer or small dots. Sure. For the beginner who struggles with rubino reducing - absolutely.

For those of us the say damn the price and buy the glass - this is a pretty nice colour. I'm really taken with it. I'll buy it.

Edit. I found the pink I used for the pony and the legs. BE 1342, Bullseye Cranberry Sapphirine. I was experimenting to see if the lower COE would make the off mandrel sculpture easier to do. 

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