Thursday, February 25, 2016

CiM 819 Experimental

This looked like a clear to me, and when I check the CiM website, lo and behold, it is a clear - so well done me for figuring that out. (Unlike the time I tried everything I knew to coax colour out of Double Helix Aether ... )

And insofar as I can tell from a single rod - it seemed pretty nice. No obvious scumming or hugely awful defects.

It played well with the dichro.  

This is a core of random transparent blue, dichro (Riley - Pink/Teal Crinkle), and encased in Experimental. 

Hope they keep the name - I kind of like the idea of a permanently experimental colour.

I'll have to be trying a couple of pounds of this before I pass judgement - but given that we are all looking for that perfect clear - so far, it looks promising.

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