Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CiM 624: African Violet

I was pretty excited about this one when I was working it. CiM African Violet. After all - a good purple is hard to find, and especially not in the red-purple family.

It came out of the kiln a little less saturated than I expected it to be - a little grayer in hue, but that might be just the layering.

 From the left - self coloured - too dark to read as anything other than black; over white, and the final bead is a core of clear, thin layer of African Violet, Riley Dichro Pink Teal Crinkle, and finally a layer of clear.

Same beads again - backlit this time. The bead over white looks a little sooty - that might be why it doesn't look as saturated as I wanted it to look. Working it over clear might be the way to go. 

Anyway - the world needs more purple glass and this is a lover-ly purple. Get thee out there and be violet!

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