Friday, February 19, 2016

CiM 538 Slate

CiM Slate - a transparent grey. CiM calls it a blue-grey, and I am personally having trouble deciding if I think it is a blue-grey, or a grey-blue.

It has come up distinctly blue-ish in the photos, but in real life, it seems very subject to the lighting, and really seems more like a grey, that is a little blue. Except when you put it near something green. In which case - a little greenish.

This photo seems like the best representation of the colours I see in real life. The beads are two self-coloured spacers on the left and right, and over white in the middle.

Strongly backlit. 

And with a pure white background - looking more blue.

So this is one of those tricky colours that is going to be strongly influenced by the colours around it.

One of the things I thought was interesting was that the Effetre transparent greys look very purple when then are hot, and this glass did not do that - for whatever that is worth.

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