Monday, March 31, 2014

Effetre 261 Angel Pink

Angel Pink is a pale rod that strikes up to a nice rose pink. It can be streaky - and it can also develop an odd grey blush.

On the face of it - it strikes quite nicely to a fairly rich pink. I didn't do anything particularly to strike these - and I have had trouble with this glass in the past, being hard, no, make that impossible, to strike. This, however, struck up nicely. 

The streakiness that you see on the right-most bead almost looks like a ribbon of transparent in the opaque - not particularly uncommon.

However, if you look at the bottom third of the middle bead in this picture - you can see a smokey, sooty looking patch.
 Here is the tail end of that patch.

 And again.

What the cause of this is, I don't know.

Overall - this is a pleasant shade of pink - but I would experiment with it before I committed to, say, a production run of pink-skinned angels - in case they came out with grey, smudgey cheeks. Now - if you were making little Victorian-era chimney sweeps and flower girls - it might be absolutely perfect - other than the whole complete-randomness factor. Or maybe you'd learn to control it?

Or pigs? With smudgy, muddy bits? Wilbur and Charlotte, anyone?

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