Sunday, March 23, 2014

CiM 112: Radio Flyer

Hellooo Effetre. CiM really knows how to do red. Pay attention.

Here is another great red from CiM - Radio Flyer.

From the left - two self coloured beads - which functionally read as opaque, and on the far right, Radio Flyer over clear - which reads as a nice, bright transparent. Talk about having it all.

The third bead from the left is interesting. This is a core of Radio Flyer, with dots in Eff 260 Light Pink, and dots of Radio Flyer on top. I was expecting red dots that really pop - but there is something else going on in there. 

The dots seem to have separated and lifted or something. Here's a close up for more detail.

I only did two layers of dots, base, pink, radio flyer on top - but it looks like an extra layer in there - so I really don't know what is going on there.

But interesting, eh?

Now whether that is a property of Radio Flyer, or Eff Light Pink - I do not know.

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