Thursday, March 27, 2014

CiM 307: Cake Batter

This is a pale, pale greenish colour - the name "Cake Batter" baffles me - I must be missing something, as CiM is generally very clever with their colour names.

With the 3xx series number - we know that CiM intends this to be in the yellow series of colours - but not even looking at it  looking at it in different colours of light shifts the colour.

 You can see that the rod has changed colour with the heat - the tip is white, and the transition zone is more of a yellow - so it is possible that this colour is intended to strike to a yellow (which would be consistent with the name) - and I just didn't work it long enough, or at the right temperature.

From the left, two self coloured beads, and you can see a yellow dot on the middle one - which would be consistent with the striking theory. The third bead is a core of cake batter, dots of turquoise, and dots of cake batter on top. There is functionally no reaction between the two.

The rod does look "vanilla" when you are working it - but it cools naturally to a slight green. It would be worth trying to strike it to see if you can get a yellow out of it. Or possibly just work cooler than I do.  ;-)

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