Monday, February 24, 2014

Effetre 746 Petal Pink

 This is Effetre Petal Pink - a soft, delicate pink that will appeal to people who like dainty and pretty colours. (Not me, obviously!)

However, even I can see that it has it's place.

Here is a trio of self coloured spacers. Surely these would make a good base bead for some rubino dots?

To keep it interesting - I then messed around with it a little.

This is a base of petal pink, followed by trails of ivory. I then rolled it in silver foil, and melted the foil in, and added more trails of ivory. I reduced it, encased it in clear, and added trails of black on top.
The petal pink base has gone a honey-colour where the silver was - the sagey colour in the middle is where the ivory was UNDER the silver. The silver has fumed the pink and changed it's colour.

Don't forget - if a color bores you - you can always try something different with it, instead of just putting it aside and letting it accumulate. After a few years - the stack of glass you don't like can get discouraging.

The alternate is to never try anything different - and you certainly won't learn anything that way!

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