Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Effetre 684 Blueberry Marble

 Last time I had my hands on some of this Eff 684 - it was called Tuxedo Cool - and I commented that it was on the purplish side, and "Blackberry Swirl" would have been a better name.

It's apparently a new batch, and been renamed Blueberry Marble. And it is indeed, rather bluish.

The rods look grey - although you can see from the ends - there is a mix of colours in there.

When wound off into spacers - you get a nice streaky look, a soft blue and grey effect. 
 So I thought I'd try whipping off a horse bead. Haven't made one in  while, so I'm a little rusty, but managed to pull it off. The swirly colour looks good.
 The back looks awesome - great pattern. This particular bead calls for getting the glass very hot and fluid - which works very well for this layered, swirly glass, and brings out the best in it. I suggest working it hot and letting it droop and move a lot.

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