Saturday, February 22, 2014

Effetre 441: Dark Matter

I've written about Dark Matter before - but I thought it was worth taking another look at it. Apparently - where it shines is not as a colour unto itself, but as a base for the high silver glasses.

This is a grouping of beads and the dark matter rods. This is the dark grey version - apparently there is a dark red version as well.

You can see a streakiness on the bead - it's very subtle and requires a lot of light to see it. When the bead is hot and goes into the kiln - it is actually quite interesting looking - purples. 
 OK - this bead is a base of dark matter, with a layer of (from the left) Zeus, Clio, and the frit is Reichenbach 198 Multi. The entire bead was encased in Zephyr and then heated and mashed.

This bead is a base of Dark Matter, rolled in silver foil, melted in, trails of ivory, encased Zephyr. 
 Same bead - other side. The greenish color is where the silver foil was - I didn't cover the entire bead.

Experiment with this with the silver colours - see what happens!

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