Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Mystery Mustard

I was over at Nortel the other day - rooting around through the glass - looking for a Banana Yellow. I wanted a bright, happy yellow, with no orange, but more banana than hi-lighter colour.

I thought I might struck gold, or yellow, so to speak with this glass. The rod appears to be the right colour - and Jean told me that it was an odd lots, she had multiple pounds of it, and would let it go cheap as she didn't know what it was called.

Score. So I took home a few rods to test.

Sigh - not bananas. Unless you think "bananas just before turning black and squashy." More of a mustard colour. Dijon mustard.

 Oh, and btw, this is why I am LOVING the new Foster Fire. Those loose beads FELL off the mandrel. Just slid off without any provocation. Woo HOO.

The Mystery Mustard is a slightly translucent colour, and would probably look a little brighter over a base of white. But for my purposes - it is not bright enough. So, if you love it - call up Jean and score it while you can. She has a few pounds of it, and is anxious to move it out! 

It's so frustrating with the Effetre and Vetro yellows, oranges and reds. They all shift a little in colour.


  1. It looks like a possible odd lot of CIM Ghee... Are the rods super smooth like CIM or more rough in appearance?
    I would be curious to see what it does with silver glass as both Ghee and the Ghee unique are lovely with silver glass.

  2. That's an interesting point - I wonder how it would look with silver.

    I don't think it was a CiM glass, just because of the way it was bundled. My guess is an Effetre odd lot, or a Vetro Odd lot - who knows from how long ago!