Monday, November 12, 2012

Effetre Silver #4

After I posted about the new Effetre Silver glasses - someone posted in the comments that they understood that the point of these new glasses was to work well with silver and silver glasses, not that they have a high silver content.

So, I had another go at it.

This is a spacer of Effetre Silver #4,  with a center line of silvered ivory, and transparent dots on either side of the line. Melting the dots down "pushes" the silvered ivory into the distinctive wave form.

This is just silvered ivory on #4. The silver has fumed the #4 into a warm, chestnut colour. 
 This is Okeanos over #4.
 This is a hodgepodge of: clear core, encased w #4, squiggles of silvered ivory and okeanos. Melt them in, apply a lot of heat, mash and reshape, and more trails of okeanos. It's kind of a muddy mess, I'll admit.

This is a base of ivory, wrapped in silver foil and melted in. Rolled in Electra frit, some Okeanos on top, more frit, and reduced. Well, what do you know. I apparently forgot to put any of the #4 in it at all. Sigh.
 The rainbow effect of the Okeanos "flames" is pretty cool though.

Do I have a conclusion? Well - the #4 does fume up like crazy, and goes some nice colours. Am I really excited about it? Not yet. It's not bad. It just has to turn blue or purple in order for me to get really excited. Green and brown I can do any day.

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  1. Nice bead... I like those Okeanos flames as well - sort of like an oil slick in colours.