Friday, November 23, 2012

CiM 510: Ink Blot

 Ink Blot from CiM - as noted by other reviewers on CiM's site - the rod appears to be a very dark purple, like Effetre's Ink Blue. The rod reads as black, and only when held up to a light can you see the colour.

So right away - I was thinking of diluting it, core-cane, etc.

However - it comes out of the kiln as a slatey, blue grey and not purple at all.

Below, we have from left to right, a self-coloured bead, over clear, over white, and self with a white-cored cane.

 Here are the same beads, with the white-cored cane on the side. The cane, on the bead, is certainly not as intense as I expected.

I suspect I will like it fine once I get over the disappointment of it not being purple.

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