Friday, November 16, 2012

CiM 511: Thunder Egg Ltd Run

When I test colours - I borrow a trick from the studio in order to keep track of the colours. In the studio - because we have multiple students using a common kiln, we ask everyone to "mark" their mandrels by putting a wrap of colour on the end of the mandrel. Student 1 will pick blue, Student 2 will use green, 3 will use red, etc. This eliminates the "whose bead is this?" "Did I make that?" and "I don't remember this one!"

I mark the mandrels and make notes in a book I keep by the torch.

It's especially good for those tricky silver glasses.

Sometimes, however it's good in other cases too ... .

This is CiM Thunder Egg. Ooooh - pretty colour - like paler version of Poseidon.  Thunder Egg below, Poseidon on top.

 Let's just whip off a couple of beads. Pull 'em out of the kiln the next day. Hmmm - wait a minute. Recheck notes. Two self spacers, 3rd, white core, encased Thunder Egg, with raked pattern of silvered ivory. Thunder Egg. Blue.

Hmmmm. Not blue.


Ahhhh - maybe check CiM's website. Thunder Egg - an Opal Light Sky Blue - click for more. Ok, clicking on more and wondering wtf ...

" ... strikes to a grey to mink colour"

Well - whaddya know? There is, in fact, almost no trace of the opal sky blue, and it is pretty thoroughly Mink coloured.

Some folks report that Mink plays well with silver. I guess that I should try silver with Thunder Egg and see what happens.

Wow - flat out one of the most completely unexpected colour changes I've ever had.

I guess the question is now, how to keep it blue. Because the Creation is Messy page show samples that are blue or only partially struck.  So there has to be a way!


  1. I think the samples on the CiM site where it has stayed blue (apart from the spacers) have been encased. Maybe it doesn't strike to brown if it's covered in clear?

    I imagine to keep it blue in spacer form, you have to shape and then immediately garage with no reheating whatsoever!

  2. @Melanie - interesting thoughts - worth trying!